The Small Loan is offered to a female entrepreneur only. The core objective is to empower the women in the country so that they can contribute to the economy effectively.

The key features of this loan are:

  • The loan is for expansion of small businesses only.
  • Helps underprivileged to overcome the dependency on moneylenders.
  • Develops a self-help mentality and self-employment capacity of the entrepreneurs.
  • Makes the underprivileged communities self-reliant through involving in income-generating activities.

Loan ceiling (1st loan)

RWF 100,000 – 400,000

Increment of Loan



Not more than RWF 300,000  , Maximum increment up to

1,500,000 RWF

Insurance / loan processing fees


No. of instalments


Loan duration / period

6 months, 4 months and 12 months

Processing time for 1st loan

1 - 2 weeks

Grace period

1 week

Age limit

For all loans: 18 - 60
For follow-on loan
subject to a physical condition

Collateral requirement

Not required