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ASA International Rwanda Tariff List 2023

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ASA International (Rwanda) PLC

Name of Product/Service
I Loan (Credit) Related fees & charges
1Interest Rate

•Small loan - 4 months: 3% per Month

•Small loan - 6 months: 2.5% per Month

•Small loan - 12 months: 2.16% per Month

•Small business loan - 4 months: 3% per Month

•Small business loan - 6 months: 2.5% per Month

•Small business loan - 12 months: 2% per Month

2Application FeeFree of charge
3Administrative FeeFree of charge
4CommissionsLoan processing fees: 3% upfront
5Cash Security

•Small loan - 5% for 1 cycle & 10% from 2nd to above cycle on principal loan amount.

•Small Business loan - 10%  for all cycles on principal loan amount.

IICurrent Account related services
1Account openingNot applicable
2Minimum account opening balanceNot applicable
3Monthly Maintenance feesNot applicable
4Certificate of indebtedness/debtednessNot applicable
5Cash withdrawal from branch feeNot applicable
6Cash withdrawal from agent feeNot applicable
7Dormant account reactivation chargesNot applicable
8Closing account chargesNot applicable
9Account statement ChargeNot applicable
10Funds transfer within same Financial InstitutionNot applicable
11Funds transfer with other Financial InstitutionsNot applicable
12Cheque book feeNot applicable
13Passbook ChargeNot applicable
14Withdrawal without PassbookNot applicable
IIIFixed Term-deposit Account Related services
1Account opening feesNot applicable
2Minimum DepositNot applicable
3Annual interest rateNot applicable
4Number of withdrawals allowedNot applicable
5Withdraw chargesNot applicable
9Closing account chargesNot applicable
IVSaving account Related services
1Account opening feesFree of charge
2Minimum Deposit

•Minimum Deposit: 2,000 Frw per week on small loan.

•Minimum Deposit: 5,000 Frw per week on small business loan

3Annual interest rateInterest rate: 6% p.a.
4Withdraw chargesFree of charge
5Closing account chargesFree of charge

•Membership admission fees: 2,500 Frw charged once on small loan

•Membership admission fees: 5,000 Frw charged once on small business loan

The values shown in this document may change depending on policies & risk evaluation. For more details and clarification, please contact us.